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Kata Immersion Week

This course is not scheduled at this time. If you would like to request this course, please email us.

About the Course

 KATA Immersion week is a blend of training, implementation, experience, and coaching to understand and practice Toyota KATA.


  • Kata Experience introductory experience with the 4 steps of the Improvement Kata (IK) and the Coaching Kata (CK)

  • Education: Write the Challenge Statement

  • Introduction to the 4 steps of the Improvement Kata – Current Condition (CC)

  • Teams Go See Current Condition

  • Teams present CC w/metric history

  • Education: Target Condition(TC) & Obstacles materials in class

  • Teams develop Target Condition and 1st obstacles, Select one obstacle

  • Teams Presentation

  • Education: PDCAs and Coaching Kata (CK) materials in class

  • Teams develop 1st PDCA – Go Do

  • Teams Present 1st Full CK cycle with next PDCA step

  • Education: 2nd Coaching Kata (CK) materials .

  • Teams 2nd PDCAs – Go Do

  • Teams Present 2nd Full CK cycle with 2nd CK cycle

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Amanda Richter

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