Conflict and difficult conversations

Conflict and Difficult Conversations

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About the Course

Having uncomfortable conversations at work is never easy, whether it’s with subordinates or co-workers. This is especially true for people who are afraid of conflict and would do anything possible to avoid it. However, avoiding difficult conversations potentially leads to dysfunction and lack of performance. This result negatively impacts a team and the business as a whole. It is estimated that workplace conflict affects not only morale and productivity, but also turnover. Instead of avoiding difficult conversations, find the courage to start confronting people in a constructive way with skill and empathy. Overcome fear of conflict and successfully approach uncomfortable obstacles.


  • Presentation: Conflict Definition
  • Exercise: Share Conflict Examples
  • Presentation: Change, Respect
  • Exercise: Leadership Discussion
  • Presentation: Motivation
  • Presentation: Conflict Responses
  • Presentation: Difficult Conservations defined
  • Presentation: Settings, Subjects, Personalities, Social
  • Presentation: 4 Ws: Why, Where When, Who
  • Presentation: Preparation
  • Presentation: Delivering the Message
  • Exercise: Practice Delivering Message

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