Daily Management System

Daily Management System

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About the Course

Daily management is a set of behaviors, tools, and practices that bring focus on the production process. Leaders can start by improving the stability and standardization of the process and Leader Standard Work is a key element of the daily management system. In turn, daily management is critical in sustaining lean production. Without daily management, improvements don’t last.

Daily management with Leader Standard Work reflects a change from traditional management thinking. In a conventional world, experienced managers and supervisors have learned how to patch up and work around problems, to get the orders out. In the lean way of thinking, we identify problems, and then ask, ‘Why?’ The focus is on improvement, looking for clues, to understand and improve.

This cultural change strengthens with practice. “The new mindset comes from the behavior, if you consistently engage in close focus on the process, then take action when actual performance falls short of expected results and add monitoring to reinforce these new ways, you gradually create new habits. It’s self reinforcing. When a leader or an operator sees a process work as it was expected to, it means a better day at work, stimulating more improvements. This new mindset doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that takes place over years.”

“Senior focus should be on the management system, not the technical tools. With the right coaching, execs learn what to ask about and observe to assess the health of their lean strategy and the integrity and effectiveness of their lean operations. The management system sustains the production system, so focusing on the health of the lean management system leads to better health of the production system, sustaining and extending lean gains. Leader Standard Work should be ongoing, to make expectations clear for all, aid in developing successors and facilitating smooth transitions of leadership.”


  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Visual Workplace
  • Transparency
  • Leader Standard Work
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Accountability

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